Hi everyone! We’re a brand new UK business with the mission to make it easier for you to choose greener investments.

The Sugi team are all keen investors who care a lot about the environment. And we identified a real problem for DIY green investors – it’s too difficult.

Green investing shouldn't be confusing, complicated or costly

The information provided by online investment platforms is baffling and doesn’t focus on green investing. You can look up sustainability ratings, but they cover a mashup of green, social, ethical and/or governance. An investment might score well for its ethics, but perform poorly on green and will still get a good sustainability score.

And sometimes the information from different sources conflicts. How can you assess the ‘greenness’ of an investment when two reliable sources give it different ratings?

Another option is to sign up to a new investment platform that specialises in green investments. But the investments on these new platforms are already available on your current platform. All you need is the right information to find them. That’s where Sugi comes in.

Sugi opens up green investing to DIY investors

We’ve created a platform to give you clear, reliable data about the investments you hold and greener alternatives. With Sugi, you can check your carbon impact, compare green investments and build a greener portfolio within your existing platform.

We’re not a broker or asset manager. We’re not taking your money or selling your data. We’re an independent platform that tells you how green your investments are and helps you improve the climate change impact of your portfolio.

We’re developing our beta at the moment and building extra features all the time. Once we finish, Sugi will be a one-stop-shop to help you create a greener portfolio based on your investment goals.

If you’re interested to learn more or gain priority access to the Sugi beta, sign up here and check out our FAQs.

Welcome to Sugi. We’re so excited for you to join us on this journey.