How cool are your investments?

Sugi is already the first app to bring you the carbon impact of your investments and help you build a lower carbon portfolio. Now, we’re going further.

Today we launch our newest feature: portfolio temperature.

For the first time, UK retail investors can see whether their portfolios are aligned with the 2°C global warming target.

What is portfolio temperature?

Put simply, portfolio temperature is:

whether the underlying companies in your portfolio over or under emit relative to their own apportioned carbon budget (based on the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach or the Greenhouse gas Emissions per unit of Value Added approach) over a 12-year time horizon and each company is evaluated separately, with the result aggregated to your portfolio and – to the extent your portfolio includes funds, ETFs or trusts – to those collective holdings.

You’re right, it’s not simple at all.

Our graphics represent masses of number crunching, advanced technology and decades of international policy. Pretty amazing, huh!

But really what we’re showing you is how the emissions of your portfolio - current and projected - affect global warming.

Temperature fan

What's so important about 2°C?

In 2015, the international community agreed that global warming must not exceed 2°C if we’re to avoid catastrophic and irreversible climate damage. And that really is the limit. Ideally, global warming won't exceed 1.5°C.

We'd give a few examples of what's likely to happen at over 2°C, but honestly it's too terrifying. (If you're really up for it, check out the suggested reading at the bottom of this page.)

Back to your portfolio

Most of us have no idea how our portfolios are aligned with global warming. The information simply hasn’t been available.

Until now.

Knowledge is power. While the investment industry is rife with greenwashing, Sugi users have this information in their pockets. In the next couple of months, we’ll be launching more features to help you improve your impact and build a greener portfolio.

So sign up for the beta and check your temperature:

Want to know more?

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NASA Global Climate Change: A Degree of Concern: Why Global Temperatures Matter

Carbon Brief: Interactive Impacts of Climate Change at 1.5C, 2C and beyond

And finally…

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